Update to best free synths list

In no order, here are my favorite vsts Synth1 - Can't live without this synth. Makes 60% of my sounds Zebralette - Use it for growls TAL Noisemaker  Modulair Surge Helm Dexed TyrellN6 ZynFusion (Linux only, Paid for windows and mac) Fathom Mono DeDucktion

Music Making Apps on Android 2019/2020

Free Stuff All of these have audio exporting features DAWs/Grooveboxes 1. KDJ-ONE by Cyberstep 2. ntrack Studio 9 (5 audio tracks, 3 MIDI tracks,2 Step Sequencer Tracks) 3. GrooveMixer (Sample Sequencer) 4. Walkband 5. Synthesizer by yossi barel 6. Tize (Still buggy) 7. Roland Zenbeats (Download the APKs and use SAI to install it if its blocked in your country) Bonus: Oscillab Pro (Abandonware), Stagelight (Abandonware) Drum Machines 1. GStomper Rhythm 2. BeatMachine 3. Boombox Bonus: DMach (no recording, synthesizer, open source) Synths 1. SynprezFM (DX7 Clone based on Dexed) 2. Saucillator 3. Synth by Projectsas Apps 4. Noise Maschine 5. Blip Synthesizer 6. Piconica 7.EasySynth Synthesizer 8. Mikrowave Free (Groovebox, can't export but can be recorded) Bonus: Oval Synth (Abandonware) Others 1. Caustic Editor for VolcaSample 2. Lexis Audio Editor 3. Tully Commercial DAWs 1. FL Studio Mobile 2. Caustic 3 3. Gst

I Switched to Linux and Here is how i got my setup working.

I switched to Linux for everything 6 months back and had trouble finding VSTs for Tracktion 7 (The DAW I've been using for 4 years). So, i thought an exhaustive list of plugins will do people who are trying to switch or trying to find some plugin a world of good. I've listed down all the plugins I could find, it'd be great if we can complete the list. Since i use free vsts for all my work, it was easy to find native versions for linux or get it working via LinVst and Wine. Infact some of them work better than it did on windows. If the vst does not have a DRM method, it works most of the time. Native Instruments and Izotope stuff won't work because of their license managers. Bridges CarlaFx Carla LinVst Airwave (Not Maintained) MIDI tonespace (Chord Progression Generator) hypercyclic (MIDI Modulator) Bundles ArtyFX suite drowaudio plugins SAFE Vsts TAL Effects LSP Bundle (FX plus Samplers) Xhip Effects Zyn Effects GVST Bundle (FX plus Synths

Introducing Kurtosis

I'm now 1/2 of a duo called Kurtosis. I've teamed up with my brother to up the creativity involved in music making!

Paree Katti - The Time Machine [Drumstep]


Pendulum - Granite (Paree Katti Remix)