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List of Freeware Classic Synth and Keyboard Emulations

List Of Classic Synth Emulations and Samples Free

VSTs 64 Bit/32 Bit
Oberheim OB-Xa - Disco DSP OB-Xd
Oberheim SEM - HY-Mono

IK Multimedia Syntronik - Many Synth sampled and editable.

Roland Juno 60 - TAL Uno-62
Roland SH 101 - TAL Bassline
Roland JX-8P - PG8X
Roland TB-303 - Yooz BL 303

Mellotron - Sforzando Sforztron
Clavia Nord Lead 2 - Synth1

Yamaha DX-7 - Dexed
Yamaha DX Series - MDA DX10 (Dead Duck DDX10 is a GUI Version of this with Slight Modification)

Korg Mono Poly - Full Bucket Mono Fury
Korg PS Series Synths - Full Bucket FB3100 FB3200 FB3300
Korg Delta String Synth - Full Bucket Nabla
Korg Performance Synth - Full Bucket Stigma

Model E - Minimoog Inspired
Moog Minimoog Voyager - VK1 Viking Synthesizer

Casio CZ Series - Digits 2

Classic Drum Machine Vsts
808,909,606 - Cassette Drums by BPB
Linn Drums - DJinnDrum
Various Yamaha Drum Machines - Sample Science Vintage Drum Elements


Top 3 Free Drum Sampler Plugins

for some, drum samplers can be a really handy tool for creating drum grooves rather than arranging samples in your DAW. Today we'll look at top 3 drum sampler plugins.

1) FXpansion Geist Lite

Geist Lite is actually a magware sampler i.e, it comes free with magazine. However Beat Magazine gives it free for everyone with their EDM Inferno geist bundle.


2) Grooove BPB

Released as a christmas gift in 2016, this is actually a capable drum sampler released by my favorite blog.


3) RitMix by Soundbridge

This is a drum sampler with heavy editing capabilities.It is provided free by Soundbridge.


Review of Waveform 8, from a Tracktion 6 user's perspective

Waveform 8 (which was supposed to be T8 before the name change) is the latest version of Tracktion which is my DAW of choice. I downloaded a 30 days trail of latest version (8.2.7) to test it and here is my review.

First Impressions ------------------

Waveforms UI looks familiar to anyone who has used Tracktion before, the first time i opened it, it detected all my tracktion projects,my plugins with ease. Waveform retains the same layout and controls as previous versions of Tracktion which is a good thing if you are a tracktion user. The UI is a huge improvement from Tracktion 6 and looks pleasent. It does however add few new elements such as a seperate view for Piano Roll, LFO Modulators, MIDI randomizer and a mixer view.

Built-in Plugins -----------------
Buit-in plugins include all the old Tracktion effects, native sampler but it also comes with few extra instruments and effects such as Collective,Micro synth pack and master mix.FM synth is based on MDA DX10 which is a great synth…

Best Free Samplers, 64bit version.

Here are my favorite samplers that i think are the best.

Grace Grace by One Small Clue is a great sampler and has great sound shaping capabilities and is very easy to use. It supports various sample formats like wav, sfz etc.

Download - 

Sforzando Sforzando is an excellent soundfont player and sampler you can load sfz files, convert sf2 to sfz files and there are lots of free libraries available for it. It also includes an easy to use wavetable synth called Tablewrap2.
Download -
Zampler Zampler by beat magazine is another great sfz player which comes with tons of free libraries and supports sfz,rex2 formats. It features same engine as Synapse Dune so it has got an awesome arpeggiator,mod matrix,modulation sources and effects.

Download -

Best Free Synths, 64 bit version

Top Freeware Synths for Electronic Music

Want some great sounding free synths? check them out

Synth1 (Subtractive) Synth1 is a subtractive synth, a legendary freeware synthesizer. The sound of it even matches some of the top paid synths. Once you get used to it, its a great synth to program. If you are not the kind of person who likes to create presets, there are thousands of presets available online.

More on synth1:  Overview of synth1 by me
40 free synth1 patches by me 
Zebralette (Wavetable) Zebralette is a highly cut down version of monster synth Zebra 2 by U-he. It features a single wavetable oscillator that is capable of doing anything you wish. It can morph between 16 waveforms and contains many modulation sources.It contains some amazing spectral effects to shape your sound.Many people have created amazing pads, leads,bass and analog sounding patches as well as powerful growls,fx etc.

Download -