List of free android music apps (The only free android list you'll ever need!)

There are very few decent free apps for android and they are overshadowed by lot of toys. So, i decided to make a list. Also, i enjoy making free software lists. These are good enough to jot down your ideas/ make very basic demos.

DAWs/Grooveboxes/MIDI Sequencer
1) Stagelight Audio/MIDI DAW
2) Groove Mixer (Groovebox)
3) Walkband (Pocket Band)
4) Indigo Beat Maker (Audio Sequencer)
5) GStomper Rhythm (Groovebox)
6) BoomBox (Groovebox)
7) Music Maker (MIDI Sequencer)
8 ) VuKnob (DAW)
9) Beat Machine - Audio Sequencer (By Vaytricks)
10) MidSequer (Midi Sequencer)
11) kosm
12) HipHop Maker Lite (Regarded this as a toy, but it has sample import and wave export + MPC Like layout, pretty useful)

Semi-Free: 1) Beatonal (Groovebox), Audioid (Groovebox), Mikrowave (Groovebox, very cheap paid version) [These softwares can't save projects but can export audio, you can use these audio files in some of the applications mentioned above].
 2) UfxLoops (No exporting without internet connection)
3) Soundcamp (Only for samsung devices)

Drum Machines (Except the grooveboxes Mentioned above)
1) Drum Sequencer (By Volcano Mobile)
2) DMach (Real Time Drum Synth)
3) Drum Machine (By Trajkovski Labs)
4) Drummalogic SP - Drum Machine
5) Tech Tom Free

1) Common Analog
2) Common FM
3) FM Synthesizer [SynprezFM II]
4) Sonic Synthesizer
5) Saucillator
6) EtherSurface
7) Synthesizer [Synteza]
8 ) Ethereal Dialpad (synthesizer)
9) Kosmische Synthesizer
10) Zynth Music Synthesizer
11) Synth by Projectsas Apps
12) SonaSynth Analog Synthesizer
13) SonaFM Music Synthesizer
14) Deep Synth : FM Synthesizer
15) Granular
16) Noise Maschine
17) EpiSynth Software Synthesizer
18) Bytebeat Machine
19) Osc Synth
20) PPP-AcidBass
21) PPP-Chorder
22) PPP-Manoury
23) PPP-LooperSynth
24) PPP-Wobbler
25) Grainstorm
26) ModSynth Modular Synthesizer (Unlisted, Google Search)
27) EasySynth Synthesizer
28) Wiisp
29) Involve Interactive Synth
30) ByteBeatMachine (8bit Synth)

Audio Editor (Also useful for recording audio from apps)
1) Lexis Audio Editor
2) AuuphonicEdit
3) Doninn Audio Editor Free
4) Audio Recorder and Editor
5) RecForge II - Audio Recorder
6) Recording Studio Lite

1) Indigo Pads
2) Samply
3) MPC Beatmaker
1) Voloco (Auto Tune)
2) MobMuPlat (Run Pure Data Patches)
3) Guitar Amp & Effects (by deplike)
4) Amplitube Free by IK Multimedia

BONUS: Sample Based Instruments (If you are ready to record the app's audio)
1) Real Piano, Real Drums, Real Guitar, Real Ukulele, Xylophone, Glockenspiel and Marimba(by Gismart)
2) iGrand Piano Free, iLectric Piano Free by IK Multimedia
3) 7Pad Chord Piano
4) Music Keyboard by  Palmsoft Entertainment
5) ORG 2017
6) Oval Synth
7) Mini Synth MBX one
8 ) My Piano by Trajkovski Labs (Also a Sampler)
9) Piano Voice by AGM Instruments (Also a Sampler)

Any suggestions are welcomed. Please dont suggest demo apps.
Sources for compilation of the list: Google Play, Musicalandroid (Amazing Blog)


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