20 Free Dubstep Presets for the amazing Atlantis Synth!

Atlantis is a hybrid synth released in 2009. Its 32 bit only. Its no longer actively developed. That's the bad part of it. But the good part is IT SOUNDS AWESOME!
I use Tracktion 5 x64. So there is no way i'm able to use 32bit vst. But synths like this and freehand forced me to find out a way. So, here were my options
1) Use Bridge- jbridge was not too stable with my system
2) Use a rewire DAW which has bridging. It was too tiresome as well.
3) Use another DAW which can host 32 bit vst, sample the notes (or a single note if its long enough) and feed it to a sampler. There are many free 32 bit hosts. And i chose LMMS 64 bit with Internal bridging as my second DAW. The sampling part is the most fun part out there. I do it by exporting notes of 5-6 bars length via LMMS (or DAW). It can also be done by tools such as MRecorder vst (Melda).

So, the point was, this instrument forced me to sample it for use in 64 bit DAW. Why?
Because its a monster!
It contains 3 Oscillators with huge number of waveforms and 2 waveforms morphable per oscillator. It also contains a monster Filter Section, An awesome modulation matrix. That makes any synth lover hungry (like it did to me). Or if you are a preset junky (In a good way), you'll like the fact that a very good Randomization option is included. With all these awesome options available for FREE, you'd not bother about sampling and feeding it to a sampler (You really wont, trust me).

So, it really made me sit in front of it for several hours. Resulting in 20 Dubstep oriented presets. So i present you these 20 presets. Tweak it as much as you want and resample and use it in a sampler, do whatever creative things you can do with it.

Also, new year is approaching. So happy new year fro my side.

Here are the presets - Download

Examples: 1) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxrtp93sZBV8a3RVUDA1aFZ1SkU/view

2) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxrtp93sZBV8a3RVUDA1aFZ1SkU/view?usp=sharing


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