Reasons not to pirate/ Freeware Studio/ Going 100% Legit

Hi Guys. I see a lot of guys asking for CRACKED SOFTWARE. There might be hundreds of reasons for you to crack software but i'll give a few reasons why NOT TO CRACK.
1) Cracked software won't get updates/ contain malware.
2) You are stealing from the developer and its illegal
3) You won't have rights on your own music- Right. Read the EULA first (start with FL Studio)
4) There are a lot of PROFESSIONAL QUALITY FREEWAREs available
5) Companies are losing their money and can eventually go out of the market. I.E, SHUT DOWN THEIR COMPANIES. (Take example of Camel Audio here. Camel audio were the manufacturers of Alchemy Synth)
Time is not up. You can go legit. There are two ways
1) Buying the software you use
2) Switching to freeware. (This is the best option since we are all broke)
considering you've chosen the second option, Lets continue.
I was using FL Studio Demo 6 months ago [for those of you who are wondering, Demos are for personal use and cannot be used for public release] and was ABOUT TO CRACK IT. Made NO REAL PRODUCTION with it though. Not even a single complete song. some demos which weren't released. Then, i came across this article.
These points particularly made me worry.
4. Using a pirated copy means breaking the law
8. Keep FL Studio alive by purchasing your own copy!
Okay. Now, i realized, Using a demo version is gonna take me no where. The thing is you can get AS MANY SOFTWAREs as you like by cracking. But, you won't learn anything new. TOO MUCH IS TOO BAD. I've now switched to freewares and some commercial plugins that can be bought LEGALLY.
And because there is a limit compared to paywares, i've learned many things to overcome that limit.
If YES, then i'll suggest you some softwares. If NO, then not my problem.
Okay, now lets start.
DAW: This is where you do all you're productions.
Free DAWs which are awesome are
1) Tracktion 5 - Awesome workflow once you learn it. (Takes 3-4 Youtube videos). Perfect for EDM. Has support to VST, VST3 and Rewire. Cross Platform (PC, MAC, LINUX)
2) REAPER- I'm sure its great (more like a shareware). Not used it.
Others include Studio one Prime, Caustic 3 for PC, Podium and some more.
Synths: Synths are sound sources for most EDM Tracks. Best Freeware synths are: There are lot but here are my favorites
1) Firebird- Monster Synth.Can do all kinds of sounds with 84 osc types, 40 filters, modifiers etc.
2) Synth1- Daddy of all free synths with more than 25000 patches available.
3) Uhe Synths- Contains great synths like TyrellN6, Podolski, Zebralette
4) TAL Synths
32 bit only:
Hinton and Fairchild Stuffs: FMETAL, DONK MACHINE.
others which are on top of my mind are DEXED, OBXD, cobalt etc.
Drums: Acoustic- MT Power Drum Kit
Synths: Drumatic 3, Bigroom Kix synth, Kicklab XL, TS 808
Samplers: Fxpansion Giest Lite (Free with BEAT EDM INFERNO)
Grace Sampler (best free sampler)
Sforzando (Plays SFZ Libraries)
Bluecat freeware bundle
Effects: Audio Damage Freewares, Ambience Reverb, TDR Freewares, HY Plugins Bundle, Variety of sounds bundle, glitch 1.3, etc.
1) CM Studio plugins- contains lots of stripped down versions of commercial plugins for $5 or Rs. 300
2) Get a MIDI Keyboard bundled with software.
3) Check out beat Magazine Stuffs.


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