Cool Free Android Music Apps.

Hi! Came across some cool apps that i wanted to share.

Stagelight DAW- Probably the only free DAW for android at the moment. Ofcourse there are some limitations but good enough for recording demos.

Walkband: Its almost a DAW but it only features some instruments. It can be very helpful for recording demos though.

Hum On!- This crazy little app can transcribe your 'Hums' to notations. Ofcourse you need to understand notations to proceed any further. It is still a relatively new app in beta phase. Expecting more options like MIDI export later on.

Voloco: It is an autotune app for android. It is capable of harmonizing and vocoding as well. Great for recording EDM vocals.

GrooveMixer Lite- Sample based Groove Maker/ Mini DAW.


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