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20 Free Dubstep Presets for the amazing Atlantis Synth!

Atlantis is a hybrid synth released in 2009. Its 32 bit only. Its no longer actively developed. That's the bad part of it. But the good part is IT SOUNDS AWESOME! I use Tracktion 5 x64. So there is no way i'm able to use 32bit vst. But synths like this and freehand forced me to find out a way. So, here were my options 1) Use Bridge- jbridge was not too stable with my system 2) Use a rewire DAW which has bridging. It was too tiresome as well. 3) Use another DAW which can host 32 bit vst, sample the notes (or a single note if its long enough) and feed it to a sampler. There are many free 32 bit hosts. And i chose LMMS 64 bit with Internal bridging as my second DAW. The sampling part is the most fun part out there. I do it by exporting notes of 5-6 bars length via LMMS (or DAW). It can also be done by tools such as MRecorder vst (Melda). So, the point was, this instrument forced me to sample it for use in 64 bit DAW. Why? Because its a monster! It contains 3 Oscillators w

20 Free Dubstep/EDM Presets for Nocturna synth.

Recently, a synthmaker wavetable synth called Nocturna was released. I tried my hands on it and created 20 free presets. I find the synth to be intuitive. You can download the presets here:  Download

Cool Free Android Music Apps.

Hi! Came across some cool apps that i wanted to share. Stagelight DAW- Probably the only free DAW for android at the moment. Ofcourse there are some limitations but good enough for recording demos. Walkband: Its almost a DAW but it only features some instruments. It can be very helpful for recording demos though. Hum On!- This crazy little app can transcribe your 'Hums' to notations. Ofcourse you need to understand notations to proceed any further. It is still a relatively new app in beta phase. Expecting more options like MIDI export later on. Voloco: It is an autotune app for android. It is capable of harmonizing and vocoding as well. Great for recording EDM vocals. GrooveMixer Lite- Sample based Groove Maker/ Mini DAW.

Free Frohmage Metal Bass Preset!

So I was messing up with Frohmage and made this preset. I was looking for similar kind of sound. Download this preset Here -

Freeware Rewire Bridge!

Found this thing on the internet. It is a 64bit-32bit rewire bridge. This may solve all the bridging problems faced. Just created a mirror Download

Reasons not to pirate/ Freeware Studio/ Going 100% Legit

Hi Guys. I see a lot of guys asking for CRACKED SOFTWARE. There might be hundreds of reasons for you to crack software but i'll give a few reasons why NOT TO CRACK. 1) Cracked software won't get updates/ contain malware. 2) You are stealing from the developer and its illegal 3) You won't have rights on your own music- Right. Read the EULA first (start with FL Studio) 4) There are a lot of PROFESSIONAL QUALITY FREEWAREs available 5) Companies are losing their money and can eventually go out of the market. I.E, SHUT DOWN THEIR COMPANIES. (Take example of Camel Audio here. Camel audio were the manufacturers of Alchemy Synth) Time is not up. You can go legit. There are two ways 1) Buying the software you use 2) Switching to freeware. (This is the best option since we are all broke) considering you've chosen the second option, Lets continue. I was using FL Studio Demo 6 months ago [for those of you who are wondering, Demos are for personal use and canno

Programmer- Free Bank for Tone2 Firebird

Hi Fellows! i just finished making 64 presets for firebird. Since i'm an EDM producer, most of the sounds are EDM oriented. Enjoy! Preview: If you want to help me, please subscribe to youtube/ soundcloud/ Facebook. Facebook- Youtube- Soundcloud- Or listen to my latest song! DOWNLOAD Or download at audiobombs -

Predator (ft. Joshua Stuard)

Predator (ft. Joshua Stuard) Listen to the new single   DOWNLOAD/SOUNDCLOUD

30 Free Kick Samples

Did some kick drum synthesis with Drumatic 3 and threw some effects. Note: The Readme file is same as of the snare drum sample pack Download If you want to help me, please subscribe to youtube/ Listen to my music.  

100 Snare Samples

Here are 100 free snare samples for electronic music production (Dubstep and Dubstep like genres). Read Readme for info and list of free plugins used.Make sure you check out those cool plugins. DOWNLOAD Also Check out samples from Experimental Drums Here- Samples (in Wav Format)  I am releasing more samples of Organic Hits (111 samples) soon.    If you want to help me, please subscribe to youtube/ Listen to my music.    
Tracktion 4 Review How good can be a freeware DAW? I've tried many free DAWs.All offer some great features but since they are free,They have huge amount of limitations. List of freeware DAWs i've tried: Studio One Prime: This piece of software has a wonderful workflow but lacks VST support.Its a Very big limitation for electronic musicians like me.So i had to say Goodbye to it. LMMS: Its an open source DAW and good for EDM but we have a band too. I Chucked it. MU LAB Free (Which is great for a Plugin Developer because you can simply Drag and Drop your plugins), Samplitude Silver etc have Track limitation. And Forget Pro Tools First, Its just a demo of PT than anything else.I recommend using FL Studio Demo than using PT First. Last year, Tracktion Corporation decided to make Tracktion 4 Free.I Tried it. My First Impression   To be honest, my first impression was "Wth is this thing". The Default User Interface was very ugly.I Had no c