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Tracktion 4 Review How good can be a freeware DAW? I've tried many free DAWs.All offer some great features but since they are free,They have huge amount of limitations. List of freeware DAWs i've tried: Studio One Prime: This piece of software has a wonderful workflow but lacks VST support.Its a Very big limitation for electronic musicians like me.So i had to say Goodbye to it. LMMS: Its an open source DAW and good for EDM but we have a band too. I Chucked it. MU LAB Free (Which is great for a Plugin Developer because you can simply Drag and Drop your plugins), Samplitude Silver etc have Track limitation. And Forget Pro Tools First, Its just a demo of PT than anything else.I recommend using FL Studio Demo than using PT First. Last year, Tracktion Corporation decided to make Tracktion 4 Free.I Tried it. My First Impression   To be honest, my first impression was "Wth is this thing". The Default User Interface was very ugly.I Had no c