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List of free android music apps (The only free android list you'll ever need!)

There are very few decent free apps for android and they are overshadowed by lot of toys. So, i decided to make a list. Also, i enjoy making free software lists. These are good enough to jot down your ideas/ make very basic demos. DAWs/Grooveboxes/MIDI Sequencer ----------------------- 1) Stagelight Audio/MIDI DAW 2) Groove Mixer (Groovebox) 3) Walkband (Pocket Band) 4) Indigo Beat Maker (Audio Sequencer) 5) GStomper Rhythm (Groovebox) 6) BoomBox (Groovebox) 7) Music Maker (MIDI Sequencer) 8 ) VuKnob (DAW) 9) Beat Machine - Audio Sequencer (By Vaytricks) 10) MidSequer (Midi Sequencer) 11) kosm 12) HipHop Maker Lite (Regarded this as a toy, but it has sample import and wave export + MPC Like layout, pretty useful) Semi-Free: 1) Beatonal (Groovebox), Audioid (Groovebox), Mikrowave (Groovebox, very cheap paid version) [These softwares can't save projects but can export audio, you can use these audio files in some of the applications mentioned above].  2) UfxLoops (N

Free Foley Samples Vol 1

This Sample Pack contains 205 drum hits/ percussion hits. 160 of them are from Experimental Drums (Not Available Anymore). There are few Grace Patches are well. And some patches for Grooove/Grooove BPB/Grooove CM Drum Sampler. Volume 2 Coming soon. Download Download Grooove BPB Kits ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you want to support me, you can listen to my latest track/ subscribe me on Youtube/Follow me on soundcloud.

Paree Katti - Alacrity

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