5 Music News Blogs you should Follow

These are 5 of my favorite blogs and my inspiration to start blogging. 

1) Bedroom Producers Blog

 Bedroom Producers Blog is the first website that comes to mind when i hear freeware. This is, in my opinion, the finest blog when it comes to free VSTs, samples, reviews etc. Follow bedroom producers blog and be the first to know about new freewares (with respect to music production). They offer their own library of samples and vsts aswell.


2) Noizefield

Noizefield is also a blog about freeware releases but they tend to produce more news articles than bpb, their content is short and to the point. They also offer free VSTs which i used to use before switching to 64 bit completely and some free preset packs for various VSTs aswell.


3) Rekkerd


Rekkerd is a blog for all kinds of music software (and sometimes hardware news). Follow this if you want to get news about new releases, updates and offers on vsts, samples and softwares.


4) Musicradar

Musicradar is a blog/website which publishes all kinds of quality articles not limited to electronic music/tech. They have a dedicated Tech section which has numerous number of articles. They also rum Computer Music, Future Music and other magazines. They also have a huge library of free samples called sampleradar.


5) Musical Android

Musical Android is a less known blog compared to the above four. This is a blog dedicated to android music news,if you are interested in android music production or use android to produce music, this is a must follow.



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