5 Uses of Audacity Other than Recording + Free Audacity Drum Samples

 Almost everyone uses audacity, including the pros. Its the most simplest audio editor you can get for free. That doesn't mean its not powerful. A recent update in audacity brought MIDI playback, skinning and other cool features to it. Aside from the most obvious uses of audacity such as recording Audio, Voice overs etc, these are some of the ways to use audacity.

1) Extracting samples from recordings

Do you often record sounds and sample them? i do. Audacity is the go to audio editor for me to extract samples because of its zooming capabilities and exporting selected audio. It also has some simple yet useful effects to shape your samples and also has support for VST effects and other formats.

2) Generating Electronic Percussion Samples

Audacity has a built in generator which can generate waveforms, noise and some other tones which can be used to generate percussion samples (Eg: Generate sinewave at 80Hz for low end of kick and make transient using white noise). You can also use this to extract samples from your favorite tracks.
Here are some drums samples i did using audacity generators. 


3) Multiformat Converter

Audacity supports multiple formats, you do not need a dedicated converter to convert audio files (Unless you want batch conversion). Does your DAW export only WAV and you need to send an mp3 preview/demo to someone? Audacity can do it in seconds.

4) Split Stereo Track

 You can split stereo tracks in to mono tracks for extracting samples or any other use.

5) Resampling/Creative Stuff

There is no boundary for creativity/experimentation. Audacity can do a whole lot of resampling stuffs to create interesting new samples from old samples. Just one of it is to simply select the audio and change sample rate and you'll get a nice percussive hit out of a dubstep kick drum.


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