Best Free Synths, 64 bit version

Top Freeware Synths for Electronic Music

Want some great sounding free synths? check them out

Synth1 (Subtractive)


Synth1 is a subtractive synth, a legendary freeware synthesizer. The sound of it even matches some of the top paid synths. Once you get used to it, its a great synth to program. If you are not the kind of person who likes to create presets, there are thousands of presets available online.

More on synth1:  Overview of synth1 by me
                            40 free synth1 patches by me 

Zebralette (Wavetable)


Zebralette is a highly cut down version of monster synth Zebra 2 by U-he. It features a single wavetable oscillator that is capable of doing anything you wish. It can morph between 16 waveforms and contains many modulation sources.It contains some amazing spectral effects to shape your sound.Many people have created amazing pads, leads,bass and analog sounding patches as well as powerful growls,fx etc.

Download -
More on Zebralette - 20 Free Dubstep Patches for Zebralette

TAL Noisemaker (Subtractive)


TAL Noisemaker is also a very versatile free synth with tones of capabilities. It features two oscillators with tons of modulation sources and an envelope editor. It also comes with great sounding factory presets. (Get all TAL Products as well, they are great).

Download -

Mausynth (Subtractive)


Mausynth is a gen that is not know to many of us. It sounds great and is fun to use. Rob Swire uses it too!

Fathom Mono (Modular/Wavetable)


This synth was released recently and its a very powerful modular mono synth. Its possibilities are endless. There is a polyphonic version of it for cheap price.

Download -

Tyrell N6 (Virtual Analog/Subtractive)


Tyrell N6 is another awesome sounding virtual analog synth. Honestly, you must get all U-he freewares (And paywares too if you have bucks).
Download -

Helm (Subtractive)

Helm is an open source synth by Matt Tytel, its interface looks modern and interesting.

Download -

Syntronik Free (Sample Based)


Syntronik is a sample based synth with great editing capabilities. It contains samples from many classic machines
Download -

Dexed (FM)


If you want a great emulation of classic DX-7, check out dexed.



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