Android is a platform which is not considered seriously as a music making platform because of its audio latency. But as android has evolved the latency has decreased and with android 8.0, the latency is minimum. The things are about to change. More and more music making apps which were ios only are now coming to android. These are the Android apps that i think are the best you can get without spending a buck. Check them out, they are all free. If you want an extended list of freeware android music making apps, check the link at the bottom of this article. 

Before we start, 

Apps that are demos are not included
Apps that are crippled are not included
DJ or Mashup apps are not included

Honorable Mentions

  1. HumOn! – Transcriber and Auto Chord
  2. PPP Wobbler – Wobble Bass Synth
  3. Common Analog/FM – Synths
  4. Walkband – Multi Instrument Sequencer

TOP 10

1) Stagelight


Pros: Fully working DAW for free, user friendly, Can be used for live performance
Cons: Bulky, needs internet to download for the first time No timeline view in free version

2) Groove Mixer

Pros: Sample based sequencer, supports wave files, volume and pan controls
Cons: Poor UI, no advanced effects 

 3) G-Stomper Rhythm
Pros: Fully featured Sample sequencer, custom samples, a range of controls and effects
Cons: Ad Supported , No piano roll

4) Beat Machine 

Pros: Fully featured rhythm sequencer with pitch controls, Drum sequence generator, a range of effects
Cons: No piano Roll, 4 tracks only

5) Lexis Audio Editor 


Pros: Good noise removal, wav export and array of effects
Cons: Single track
(An Alternative would be Caustic Editor for Volca Sample)

6) Voloco (Autotune Effect) 


7) SynPrezFM II (Synth)

8) DMach (Drum Synth)

9) Oval Synth (Sampled Instrument)


10) Boombox (Drum Machine)


These are my favorite apps, if you need more apps, you can take a look at this:


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