List of Freeware Classic Synth and Keyboard Emulations

List Of Classic Synth Emulations and Samples Free

VSTs 64 Bit/32 Bit
Oberheim OB-Xa - Disco DSP OB-Xd
Oberheim SEM - HY-Mono

IK Multimedia Syntronik - Many Synth sampled and editable.

Roland Juno 60 - TAL Uno-62
Roland SH 101 - TAL Bassline
Roland JX-8P - PG8X
Roland TB-303 - Yooz BL 303

Mellotron - Sforzando Sforztron
Clavia Nord Lead 2 - Synth1

Yamaha DX-7 - Dexed
Yamaha DX Series - MDA DX10 (Dead Duck DDX10 is a GUI Version of this with Slight Modification)

Korg Mono Poly - Full Bucket Mono Fury
Korg PS Series Synths - Full Bucket FB3100 FB3200 FB3300
Korg Delta String Synth - Full Bucket Nabla
Korg Performance Synth - Full Bucket Stigma

Model E - Minimoog Inspired
Moog Minimoog Voyager - VK1 Viking Synthesizer

Casio CZ Series - Digits 2

Classic Drum Machine Vsts
808,909,606 - Cassette Drums by BPB
Linn Drums - DJinnDrum
Various Yamaha Drum Machines - Sample Science Vintage Drum Elements

 Various Classic Synth Samples
 Yamaha CS-80 Zampler Presets -
 Yamaha CS-40 Zampler Presets -
 Yamaha DX-1 DX-5 DX-7 Zampler Presets -


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