Music Making Apps on Android 2019/2020

Free Stuff

All of these have audio exporting features


1. KDJ-ONE by Cyberstep
2. ntrack Studio 9 (5 audio tracks, 3 MIDI tracks,2 Step Sequencer Tracks)
3. GrooveMixer (Sample Sequencer)
4. Walkband
5. Synthesizer by yossi barel
6. Tize (Still buggy)
7. Roland Zenbeats (Download the APKs and use SAI to install it if its blocked in your country)
Bonus: Oscillab Pro (Abandonware), Stagelight (Abandonware)

Drum Machines

1. GStomper Rhythm
2. BeatMachine
3. Boombox
Bonus: DMach (no recording, synthesizer, open source)


1. SynprezFM (DX7 Clone based on Dexed)
2. Saucillator
3. Synth by Projectsas Apps
4. Noise Maschine
5. Blip Synthesizer
6. Piconica
7.EasySynth Synthesizer
8. Mikrowave Free (Groovebox, can't export but can be recorded)
Bonus: Oval Synth (Abandonware)


1. Caustic Editor for VolcaSample
2. Lexis Audio Editor
3. Tully

Commercial DAWs

1. FL Studio Mobile
2. Caustic 3
3. Gstomper Studio/Producer
4. Audio Evolution Mobile
5. Seqvence Groovebox
6. Music Studio
7. Mikrowave
8. Beatonal
9. DrumPad Beats
10. SunVox

Other Commercial Stuff - DRC Synth, Bebot, Heat Synth, RD4 Groovebox, VA Beast Synth, Electrum Drum,Korg Kaosscilator etc


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